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Research & Dynamic Reporting Solutions


CollaboOffice provides real time end-to-end intelligence gathering that is evaluated by expert analysts and produced using machine learning, in a dynamic interactive report format. Our dynamic report is designed for “collaboration” across multiple “offices” (aka departments or teams) who’s involved in your research project development. All CollaboOffice research comes from trusted verified sources and are cited in our digital research notebooks for easy searchable access.


Features & Benefits

  • Top Researchers & Analysts for as low as $30 per hour
  • Quick Reports (within 5 minutes after accepting request)
  • Fully-Staffed Research & Evaluation Team
  • 5 Major Business Resource Databases
  • Digital Password-Protected Reports
  • Virtual Collaboration Research Office (CollaboOffice)
  • Business-to-business (B2B) Research & Reports
  • Business to consumer (B2C) Research & Reports
  • Marketing & Industry Research


Pricing for Your Solution

  • Al La Carte
  • Packages
  • Continuous
  • Customize
Al La Carte

Al La Carte Research Team Rate

Standard Rate is $100 per hour 

A research team hour includes 3-7 researcher & analysis virtually working simultaneously to produce the most accurate sources. 

Example of how one hour can be Used:

  • (10) Quick research &  Report (No Comparing)  takes 20 minutes ex "Top 3 Commerical 3D Printers"
  • (1) Quick Research & Evaluate Report takes 15 minutes ex "How to Incorporate in Central London"
  • (1) Standard Research & Evaluate Report (Multiple sources) 25 minutes ex. "Pros & Cons of 3 Suppliers"

(NOTE: Advanced Research ex "Global Social Media 2017 Market Outlook" may have additional fees)